Against the Tide is historical fiction from Bethany House. It's a well written, engaging story. I loved the female lead, Lydia Pallas, from the moment she stepped on the page as a child.

This story may have been categorized as historical romance because the romantic thread played a huge role throughout the story, but the historical aspects, particularly Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup added depth to an exciting storyline.  I enjoy learning historical facts and the legality of opium in children's "over the counter" drugs wasn't something I was aware of.

Lydia works for the Department of the Navy as a translator in an office of men. Her boss, Admiral Fontaine, appears first on the page larger-than-life as her protector and guide, but Elizabeth Camden reveals him later as human as the rest of us in his weaknesses.

Bane (Alexander Banebridge) has some bad boy mystique when he shows up, tweaking Lydia's need for order and preciseness, and because the Admiral was so admirable I wasn't immediately sure who the romantic lead was going to turn out to be. Just as a fun aside — the moment I knew Bane was going to win Lydia's heart was when I found out Bane's heart already belonged to the Lord.

What I liked about Against the Tide: all the flirting scenes between Bane and Lydia, the bad guy creepiness, the Mrs. Winslow opium aspect, the translation work, the spy parts, the Notorious moment near the end.

About the only thing I didn't like was how long it took Bane to make contact with Lydia when she was undercover.

I recommend this book for all readers of Seek Truth. Read fiction. I'm sure you'll find something delightful within its pages.