Azuli Eyes is science fiction/adventure from Oak Tara Publishers. Michelle Levigne opens with a quick foreword to orient a new reader into her Commonwealth Universe, then jumps into the Chorillan Cycle series by introducing Scout Captain Ian Fieran and a bit of his world among the scouts and leapers.

Michelle's world stays one step ahead of me until we settle on the planet Chorillan and I meet teacher, Miranda Rialton. I engage with her and immediately the things that are important to her become important to me. Understanding Wildings. Saving them. Saving individual children. Uncovering the plot that's in play to keep the planet from being settled as it should.

And then the Azuli, sentient wolves, are introduced.

Since I love fantasy, the hard spots in this novel were the science fiction aspects rather than being in a new world. But Michelle didn't make them so important that a non-tech wouldn't be swept into the emotion of the mission.

I happily move on to book 2, Scout's Pride.