For Seek Truth Read Fiction blog purposes, I mention that romance novel, Shadowed Lights by Ella M. Kaye, is not written from a Christian worldview. But I want to review it here because it does what I have always enjoyed about romance novels and puts the hero in the Savior position and allegorically shares the love of Jesus through the romantic love of a man and woman.

Delaney Griffin, has some social issues. Big social issues. To survive her work day, she needs quiet at home, but since Hurricane Sandy, her sister's family has taken up residence in Delaney's house. Quiet isn't a possibility. Nor is dancing, her one physical and emotional outlet. So Delaney spends more time outdoors at the wildlife refuge, cleaning her beloved coastline.

Eli Forrester, construction worker, has traveled to New Jersey to help clean and rebuild after the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. Due to union issues, he can work only so many hours at his day job. Away from family and friends, he finds his evenings empty until he meets Delaney down by the ocean.

Shadowed Lights is a traditional romance where the characters take a some time to get to know each other and deal with their internal conflicts — though Delaney's issues challenge Eli's patience.

What I liked about this novel: Eli. A sweetheart. A guy who likes to talk and wants to understand what motivates Delaney. Still a man's man, he is masculine in the ways he processes the world and responds to Delaney's fears. I liked Delaney's internal conflict. It was fresh and complex. The chemical imbalance hit her as a young teen and strengthened into a social disorder which debilitated her with thoughts of what others, everyone, thought about her. And telling herself she didn't care, didn't help. She was afraid of everything and nothing. This was an interesting, new problem for me to read about, and from it came an interesting, empathetic heroine.

What I missed, of course, was the spiritual element and Delaney's complete healing. But Eli's steadfast love and her response to his love were enough for me to believe in the happy ending for them.

Well-constructed romance. Easy to read, easy to follow. Clean writing. Engaging characters. Enjoyable read.