Terror on Tybee Island is a Trixie Montgomery Cozy Mystery, third in the series by Deborah Malone. This is my first Trixie Montgomery story, but the novel was written in such a way that it was easy to figure out needed tidbits from the earlier stories.

Trixie Montgomery and family (great aunt, mom, and best friend) come for a working vacation on Tybee Island to visit her mom's friend who owns a bed and breakfast there. Soon, a murder is discovered, and Trixie is once again on a quest to clear a friend's reputation.

What I liked: the setting. The bed and breakfast, the island, the descriptions of Savannah, Georgia. I liked the long list of quirky characters. Always a good thing for cozy mysteries. A list of suspects. I liked Trixie's heart and her desire to help, her relationship with her mom, her nana, and her best friend, Dee Dee. And I enjoyed Trixie's voice/humor as she tells the story.

What I would have liked to have seen more of: clues. Honest clues. Red herrings. Interviews that added to the puzzle instead of rehashing known facts. Some chance of being able to connect the dots. Then, I really wish that Trixie would have been able to connect the dots, too. That's cozy mystery to me. Even if the reader cannot figure out the truth, the amateur detective does. So that was my biggest disappointment with the story.

Other things I noted throughout the story — lots of eating. smiley Napping every day, though the characters were on vacation and I don't think Trixie was permitted to awake on her own even once. One thing that I probably would have known if I had read the series from the beginning was the age of the characters. Since we were dealing with three generations, I didn't want to picture Trixie much older than fifty because that would have put Nana close to ninety — and her love interest was supposed to be close to her age, yet the amateur sleuths didn't seem to expect him to be retired — so the age thing played through my head the entire novel.

Terror on Tybee Island is a fast, clean read. Enjoyable characters to the end. I'll venture with Trixie again.