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"All Scripture is God- breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work."
2 Timothy 3:16-17


NEW for 2009
Writers' Guidelines
Penned From the Heart

Hello. It’s a new year, a new editor (Jana Carman), new opportunities, and, yes, a few new guidelines. Please be sure to read through. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Fran tells me that the best part of this job is getting to know all of you. So here we go….

Penned from the Heart is a book of 366 daily devotions which can be used in any year. It is published around Thanksgiving by Son-Rise Publications, New Wilmington, PA. Cut-off date for receiving submissions is August 31.

Penned from the Heart is a non-denominational, Christian book of inspiration and teaching. Devotions can be either prose or poetry (verse or free-verse). Devotions should be 225 words or less. Poems should be under 25 lines. Make sure your devotional is not just a Bible study or personal testimony. I look for powerful insights, prayers, and anecdotes that proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ or build the Body of Christ through encouragement, inspiration, or teaching. Readers should find the Take-Away, something to apply to their own lives. Part of the charm of Penned is the variety. Please send nothing New Age. Sometimes purely nature poems can be construed as New Age, and may be declined on that basis.

Formal format of opening Scripture and closing prayer is certainly accepted but not required. A title is appreciated. When quoting scripture, please indicate the version in this way: NIV, KJ, NAS, MSG (The Message), etc. Please update your bio. If you would like to include your email address so readers could contact you, include that in the bio. It is nice to know when someone was touched by your writing.

Son-Rise Publications asks for one-time rights for the volume in which your work appears. Previously published devotions, as well as original works, are accepted. Reprint rights are given when supplied by the author. Payment for the inclusion of your work in Penned from the Heart is a free copy of the volume in which your work appears, and the opportunity to buy other copies at a discounted rate. Contributors may purchase a case of 26 books for $125 plus a shipping and handling fee, or purchase single books at $6.00. (These are 2007 prices, they will no doubt increase a bit for 2009.) Penned retails at $10.00, so contributors can make as much as 40-50% by selling the books.

Penned gives authors an opportunity to see their work in print. Most importantly, it is intended to bring glory to Jesus and to share His love and sacrifice with a lost world. Son-Rise is a small publishing house, so distribution for this book is done primarily by its contributors in their home churches, work places, and to friends and family. The books make wonderful Christmas gifts and witnessing tools.

To see examples of accepted devotions, you may visit former editor Gloria Clover’s web site at.... Gloria adds, "Hey, you're here. Just click on the devotions examples button to the top left."

Penned from the Heart is now compiled/edited by Jana Carman. Mail submissions to Jana Carman, 304 Stow Neck Road, Salem, New Jersey, 08079. Telephone 856-339-9422. When possible, submit by e-mail at Please let me know if you get email or change your email address, or change your snailmail address.

One more thing: I just updated my computer to Office Word 2007. If I am unable to open your submission, I will send it back with a suggestion of what you might do to make it compatible. In general, a file saved with the .doc ending or .rtf will be okay. Or I may ask you to send it to one of my other e-mail addresses. (Pbpwmgintwmy: “Please be patient with me--God is not through with me yet.” ) May God richly bless our efforts together.

© 2008 Gloria Clover