From the Frozen Depths

What's a warrior do when winning the war is no longer as compelling as winning the heart of the princess?

An island at war. A determined commander…and a princess frozen in frustration.
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About the Book

Doctor Padar Lacer receives a chilly reception on the island of Dharani, home to a people solidified in their beliefs of caste and karma. Upon her arrival, Padar agrees to treat a dying soldier, but when she discovers it requires more than her medical training, can she do the unimaginable to save his life?

Army Captain Jym Fountayn wants to stop the war at all costs, even using a foreign princess to further his cause. After all, he warned her from the beginning that he was no prince. But when Padar’s talk of a King who melts icy hearts ignites the entire island, Jym begins to wish he was the chosen prince and not just a warrior destined to kill or be killed.

When hidden motives escalate the civil war, Jym and Padar must thaw the frozen thinking of generations to reunite the families of Dharani under the King of kings.

Series: Children of the King, Book 3
Genres: Inspirational, Speculative Romance
Publisher: By the Vine Press
Publication Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781635640236
List Price: 14.99
eBook Price: 4.99
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About the Author
Gloria Clover

Author of contemporary and speculative romance

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