Gone South by Meg Moseley is contemporary Christian fiction from Multnomah Books. I read this book for ACFW book club last month and enjoyed it in a lot of aspects, considering, as you all know by now, women's fiction is not my favorite.

Tish McComb was a delightful character and she carried this book for me.  I wanted to see her find happiness and acceptance and contentment. The male lead, George Zorbas, grew on me as he stepped out and challenged himself to live out his faith. The heart-breaker character was young Mel, homeless, sincere, and in desperate need of help from someone who could forgive her past choices. But as the story progresses, the reader realizes that Mel was simply doing the best she could in a world that didn't live by the same code she did.

I wanted to mother and mentor Mel, and perhaps that made me dislike Mel's parents all the more. Truly nasty characters, though I did dredge up some compassion for the mom.

This book was a lot about life in the south, ancestors, expectations, misunderstandings, slander, appearances, hoping for something different but finding your same self in the new place.  It was about prodigals and God's amazing love. It was about trusting God in uncontrollable situations.

I would have liked to have seen characters play out their faith on the page a little more than this story offered, but the spiritual truths lie in the storyline if you're game to seek them out.