Okay, folks, this is my last review written from the writer's retreat at Keuka Lake. I finished reading Scouts' Pride this morning and I'm reviewing it this noon, and that catches me up from reviews since February.

The scout in Scouts' Pride are Ian Fieran, protagonist from Azuli Eyes. The pride in Scouts' Pride is Kay'li Fieran, Ian and Miranda's daughter. The book covers some 16-20 years, depending on if we measure in standard years, the growing years of Kay'li.

Because of the time period covered, the story is presented in highlighted snippets of the important parts of Kay'li's life. The plus of that was there weren't dull moments, the negative was that certain aspects felt unfinished because the reader didn't get to hear about the follow through. (One example that sticks in my mind is the stolen leaper ship and what became of it.)

But by the end, I am fully committed to Kay'li's life and her purposes and the task before her for book 3.

This book is spiritually lite in how the characters express their faith, with only a passing nod to Fi'in (Creator God), but has enough issues and topics presented for the reader to see real, spiritual ramifications played out in a science fiction world.