Surprise Love by Michelle Sutton is a contemporary romance from Desert Breeze Publishing. Kami Garrett, ex-rodeo star and current riding coach meets Bryan Miller, would-be professional baseball player and Aston Kutcher look-alike, and finds herself instantly attracted after years of keeping to herself.  Spice is added to the mix through Kami’s cousin, Mindy, a bipolar woman who finds her worth in sexual conquests, and Bryan’s roommate for baseball tryouts, Will.

Kami and Bryan’s love develops at a reasonable rate through outings that didn’t turn out the way our couple intended and a few dates which allow for some conversation of family, pasts, interests, and future goals.

Michelle adds plenty of action to keep the reader engaged in the plot and guessing about how things will turn out, particularly for the secondary characters.

Surprise Love has Michelle’s unique expression of young characters trying to figure out who God is and He is to them. But there are spiritual depths to be found when we read that Kami has vowed, “Never again would she allow her heart to be manipulated.” And Bryan brashly claims, “He wanted more out of life than just baseball.  So much more.”

Of course, he gets what he desires – Michelle Sutton writes true romance where the reader can count on this one staple: the guy gets the girl at the end.  The rest is a surprise.  Surprise Love.